Welcome to my blog about the Wehrmacht Soldbuch of World War II!
The German Army Soldbuch of World War II has for many years been a desired collectible and good source for researching units and soldiers of the German Army (Wehrmacht) of World War II. This blog features a full anatomy of the German Soldbuch (paybook) accompanied by personal stories of soldies whose paybooks survived the Second World War. The paybooks of the German Soldier of World War II gives us unique insights in the military career of the German man from 1939-1945 and how the German Wehrmacht kept records of its soldiers.

Paygroups of the Wehrmacht

The German Wehrmacht of World War II used a numerized pay group system to standardize and simplify the pay system ...
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The German Army Soldbuch of World War II

Full anatomy of the German Army Soldbuch (paybook) of World War II based on my observations and collection of German ...
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The story of Hans-Hermann in many ways represents the the fate of German youth in the years 1933 - 1945 ...
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Gerhard was born in 1914 in the city of Wagstadt (today Bílovec) located in the part of the Czech Republic, ...
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Fritz was born in 1902 and came from the German city of Schlitz in Hesse. Fritz was not married and ...
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Carl came from Munich where he was born in 1902. As a teenager, Carl experienced the consequences of war and ...
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The cover: German soldiers of Infanterie-Regiment 489 marching in the Danish city of Slagelse.
Photo taken late summer 1940 by a soldier in the 269. Infanterie-Division.