My name is Mads Husted and I am the person behind the blog www.wehrmacht-soldbuch.com and the affiliated sales section www.wehrmachtsoldbuch.com
For several years I have been studying and collecting militaria from World War II, including German “Soldbücher” and “Wehrpässe”. I focus on the German Wehrmacht units stationed at the Atlantic Wall in Jutland.
This blog is based on the German “Soldbücher” and other military identification documents that were issued to the German soldiers in the period 1935 – 1945. The blog posts are based on my own observations and available professional literature. Where sources are not cited, my own observations and conclusions will be used.
I want to give the reader a unique insight into the different fates of those German soldiers that were stationed in Denmark from 1940 to 1945.

I do not want to glorify or cheapen the National Socialist crimes against humanity and therefore see any denial of historical facts as a mockery of the millions of Jews, Russians and other civilians as well as military servicemen who were victims of Hitler and his leadership’s criminal regime.

I am always open to dialogue and inputs to this site – just contact me at info@wehrmacht-soldbuch.com
With best regards,
Mads Husted
Wehrmacht Soldbuch

German soldiers marching through the Danish village of Bøvlingbjerg cirka May 6 1945 after the liberation of Denmark. The Danish Resistance had commanded the Germans to keep their weapons until being disarmed at designated assembling areas. Photo taken by my great grandfather.