Paygroups of the Wehrmacht

The German Wehrmacht of World War II used a numerized pay group system to standardize and simplify the pay system.

In total there were 16 groups:

1: Generaloberst and above
2: General
3: Generalleutnant
4: Generalmajor
5: Oberst
6: Oberstleutnant
7: Major
8: Hauptmann
9: Oberleutnant
10: Leutnant
11: Oberfeldwebel + Stabsfeldwebel
12: Feldwebel
13: Unterfeldwebel
14: Unteroffizier
15: Gefreiter (all Gefreiter ranks)
16: Schütze, Panzergrenadier (private ranks)

Below you see that the soldier’s first pay group was nr. 15 (Gefreiter ranks) and later he, as he was promoted to Unteroffizier, he went up to pay group 14.